Star Trek: Voyager®, "The Raven"

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"The Raven." Star Trek: Voyager®, Episode 4.6, production 174, 8 Oct. 1997. LeVar Burton, dir. Bryan Fuller and Harry Doc Kloor, script. Videographic information and plot details from [1] and Cinefantastique 30.9/10 (Nov. 1998): 83, 85.

Cinefantastique summary quotes exec. Prod Brannon Braga on parallels with CITIZEN KANE with a Borg inflection (85). Seven of Nine feels pulled by what she thinks is homing beacon summoning her to rejoin the Borg collective. Tuvok accompanies her on what turns out to be a (quest-)journey to a partially-assimilated Federation ship, the Raven, her parents' ship. "Some of the Borg-modified equipment was left active, including the beacon that triggered her return. Seven confronts the haunting memories of her assimilation by the Borg at the age of six […]" (