Star Trek: Voyager®, "Unity"

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"Unity." Star Trek: Voyager®. 12 Feb. 1997 (prod. # 159, "Stardate 50614.2"). Robert Duncan McNeil, dir. Kenneth Biller, script.

Two crew members away from Voyager "find a planet of Klingons, Cardassians, Romulans, and other humanoids once assimilated by the Borg but not free of the collective and warring amongst themselves." Teleplay author Biller "saw a parallel with the break-up of the Soviet bloc, and the renewed nostalgia for communism, as soon through" the "minds" (sic) of "Riley, a former Borg." Biller asks, "Why should we assume that people would think that being a Borg was a horrible experience?" and has Riley remember it as "extraordinary": an "incredible feeling of belonging and unity and togetherness" (Anna L. Kaplan, "Delta Quadrant Borg" and Anna Kaplan, "Voyager Episode Guide," Cinefantastique 29.6/7 [Nov. 1997]: 102, 105-06).