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Stelarc: cyborg body-art.

According to The Chicago School of Media Theory website entry on cyborg (lower case), while "Science-fiction writers, like Octavia Butler and William Gibson, have taken up the cyborg character as a way to imagine the possibilities of technologically enhanced human beings. More recent cyborg constructions include the bodies of Stelarc[1] and Orlan [her preference: ORLAN],[2] who both use technological systems to alter their physical boundaries. In his performance of the cyborg body Stelarc, sees a need to reposition the body “from the psycho world of the biological to the cyber zone of the interface and extension – from genetic containment to electronic extension” (560)."

Also placed into a William Gibson/cyberpunk context by Rob Latham, "Underwhelming," review of William Gibson's Distrust That Particular Flavor (2012), in Extrapolation 54.1 (Spring 2013): p. 99.

RDE, Initial Compiler, 20Aug18 (with thanks to Latham for a brief reference in his rev. that led to this entry)