THE BAD GUYS (movie)

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THE BAD GUYS (movie). Pierre Perifel, director. Aaron Blabey, graphic novels.[1] Etan Cohen, script, exec. prod. (one of three). "Additional screenplay material by" Yoni Brenner and Hilary Winston. Luc Desmarchelier, production design.[2] USA: DreamWorks Animation, Scholastic Entertainment, Universal Pictures (production) / Universal Pictures (distribution), 2022.[3]

To a large extent, OCEAN'S ELEVEN and similar caper films — but largely OCEAN'S ELEVEN (1960), with a thin Frank Sinatra[4] — retold as an animated beast fable for kids, who will not get the allusion. Relevant here for the guinea pig villain, Professor Marmalade, in a high-tech helmet that allows mind-control.[5] Such devices are a trope, or cliché, but what Professor Marmalade controls is the minds of far less anthropomorphic masses of guinea pigs, whose eyes, when controlled, glow, like those of the children in VILLGE OF THE DAMNED (1960, more so 1995 [image here][6]).

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