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THE LAWNMOWER MAN. Brett Leonard, dir. USA: Allied Vision/Lane Pringle (prod.) / New Line Cinema (release), 1992. Loosely based on Stephen King's very short story, "Night Shift," combined with an unproduced film script called "Cybergod."

Adolescent revenge story like Stephen King's Carrie (1976), combined with CHARLY (1968) and TRON (TRON listed this category)—with a touch of A. C. Clarke's "Dial F for Frankenstein" (listed under Fiction). See for humans physically inside mechanisms and their literal self-images inside virtual realities, including a mainframe computer. See under Fiction J. T. Sladek's The Müller-Fokker Effect and the works cross-listed there. Rev. Gary Wood, Cinefantastique 22.5 (April 1992): 6-7.