The Avengers: "The Cybernauts"

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The Avengers: "The Cybernauts." Season 4, episode 3 (16 October 1965). Sidney Hayers, dir. Philip Levene, script.

An important setting is United Automation, "a totally automated factory run by technophile Dr. Armstrong," who rides in an automated wheelchair (cf. and contrast inventor of Daleks in DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS, and Dr. Strangelove in DR. STRANGELOVE. Armstrong shows Steed "his push-button world" and gives him "a complimentary high-tech pen," which turns out to be a homing device for "an automated cyborg" killer. "Its motif of a vengeful megalomaniac wielding cutting-edge technology reappears in other episodes, including the two cybernaut sequels": filmed in color in 1967, "Return of the Cybernauts," and, on The New Avengers, "Last of the Cybernauts?" (Source: James Murray, "The 'Avengers' Top Twenty Episode Guide," Cinefantastique 30.3 [July 1998]: 49-50, whom we quote.) See The Avengers: "Return of the Cybernauts"; note that the "cyborgs" here look like silver (clothed) humanoid robots.

For videographer information and discussion of the episode, see Wikipedia entry here.[1]

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