The Bionic Woman (television series)

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The Bionic Woman. Harve Bennett Productions and Universal for ABC; 1976-ca. 1978, then syndication. 58 episodes.[1]

Spin-off from The Six Million Dollar Man, q.v. Premise identical to that of parent show except for gender of the cyborg. See S. F. Ency. entries for both series and M. Caidin's Cyborg, cited under fiction.

IMDb "Storyline":

In this TV spinoff of "The Six Million Dollar Man", tennis pro Jamie Sommers was almost killed in a skydiving accident, but was saved by the U.S. Government, which used bionic parts to save her. Both legs, one arm, and one ear are artificial, which give her a number of super powers. She works as an agent for the Office of Scientific Investigations battling spies, fembots, mad scientists and aliens... Just like her friend, Col. Steve Austin. Written by Marty McKee <>[2]

First two seasons (1976, 1977) reviewed by Patrick Sharp, SFRA Review #297 (Summer 2011): pp. 60-62, who notes usefully that "The Bionic Woman helped prepare a generation of nascent feminists to embrace Donna Haraway’s argument for a cyborg feminism that was encapsulated in her famous line, “I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess” ([Haraway 181] Sharp, p. 62).[3]

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