The Bots Master

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The Bots Master (vt ZZ Bots). TV series, 1993-94. Shigeo Koshi and Xavier Picard, dir. Avi Arad & Associates, Saban International (France), production. 23-minute episodes.

Plot summary on IMDb by Cynan Rees begins, "When genius robot technician Ziv 'ZZ' Zulander discovers that his employers (RM Corps) have designs on world domination, he quits and tries to warn people about them. Branded an outlaw by their powerful boss Lewis Leon Paradim (LLP), ZZ and his bot-designer sister (Blitzy) are forced into hiding. His one advantage is the chip he developed, which gives his bots their own personalities, and enables them to think for themselves and fight intelligently."[1] Wiki contributor DanB summarizes in more detail, noting the theme of a mechanized underworld of the subterranean variety: the "head of huge multinational computer/robotics corporation (which holds the patents to 3-A's, the most revolutionary, flexible, adaptable 'bot' invented) wants to take over the world by installing 'Krang-ore chips' in the 3-A's throughout the world. The chips allow the 3-A's to be controlled only by the aforesaid head of the corp. His nemisis is Ziv Zoolander, only slightly post-teenaged inventor of the 3-A's. Ziv has invented creatures he calls B.O.Y.Z. (acronym unknown) which are thinking bots with personalities. Includes 'sports boyz' who obviously play sports, a boyz who doubles as a flying car, a ninja boyz, etc. All the good guys live in a highly mechanized underground house built way out in the country while all the bad guys (using guys as a generic stereotyped term) live in R.M. Corp City, a highly mechanized/industrialized environment. One of the bad guys is also a cyborg: it appears he lost several limbs and a few internal organs. […]"

(DanB, 17/V/94, RDE, 31Dec14)