The Conquest of Psiberspace?

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Sawyer, Andy. "'Dreaming Real': The Conquest of Psiberspace?" The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts No. 36 = 9.4 (1998): 268-83. Special Issue "On Psi Powers." Ed. H. L. Drake.

On telepathy, mostly natural. Last section relevant, pp. 276-79, on technology-enable telepathy, and/or phenomena like telepathy. See for discussions of William Gibson's Neuromancer, Pat Cadigan's Mindplayers and Synners — and note Sawyer on telepathy's becoming, in some cyberpunk and related SF, "part of the technological, rather than biological, sphere. What was thought of as a mental power becomes a physical one: another activity we can plug into through a gadget." In such works, the "ambiguity between 'mental' and 'physical' collapses" (277). For the background debate, see Descartes, Réne (mechanism: cosmological, biological) under Background here, and, for one convenient source, the Wikipedia article.[1]

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