The General

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Stirling, S. M., and David Drake. The General. New York: Baen, 1991.

Future-war novel featuring a society that practices "computer worship." "While exploring the catacombs beneath the capital city . . . Captain Whitehall . . . comes across a long-forgotten, sentient battle computer. The computer somehow fuses whith Whitehall, making him, in effect, its human extension. Aided by his inner ally, or 'angel' as he calls the computer, Whitehall now possesses unparalleled military genius [becoming the "General" of the title]. . . . What ensues is a tale of nation building. . . . [where] nationhood . . . develops out of war." As part of "the book's computer-centered theology[,] . . . computer components are treated like icons and amulets." Rev. Gordon Satorius, SFRA Review #210, March/April 1994: 88, our source here and whom we quote. CAUTION: Satorius warns of explicit violence and racism. (RDE, 01/01/95)