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Egan, Greg. "Yeyuka." Originally published in Meanjin in 1997.[1] Infinity Plus: SF, Fantasy, Horror.[2] Anthologized in Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology, James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel, editors (San Francisco: Tachyon Publications, 2007).[3]

Mentioned in Sandor Klapcsik's review of the anthology in SFRA Review #284 (Spring 2008): pp. 15-16, who notes that "a bootlegged computer and unlicensed medical software play crucial roles."[4]

Reviewed in more detail by Alex Willging, 9 July 2012. Working in Uganda, an Australian surgeon attempts to treat a horrible new disease, Yeyuka, "but despairs due to the lack of HealthGuard technology that has made such diseases a thing of the past in wealthier nations like his. Things come to a head when the Australian surgeon decides to get the hospital a proper HealthGuard machine, but finds that doing so means he must enter a world of shady connections, unlicensed software, and a literal life-or-limb decision during an encounter with bandits."[5]

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