24 marzo 1958

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Permission to quote requested)

Buzzati, Dino. "24 marzo 1958" ("24 March 1958"). Corriere della Sera, 7 January 1949.[1]

According to Valentina Polcini on the SFRA and IAFA listServs 22 February 2021, this is a "short story [...] in which - among other things - capsules get stuck in space and the astronauts inside end up orbiting Earth forever," which she notes predates "J. G. Ballard's [... 1968] dead astronauts."

Note image of containment inside a protective environment in space, in this case one that has its limitations in protection, becoming a kind of sarcophagus. For references to similar works, see citation for "The Dead Astronaut."

V.P., RDE, finishing, 22Feb21