Absolution Gap

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Reynolds, Alastair. Absolution Gap. London, UK: Gollancz / Orion, 2003; NYC: Ace, 2004. Revelations of Space series, #4. For the series, plus reprints, translations, and reviews, see Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDb), as of October 2023, available here.[1]

ISFDb has among the tags for this space opera, "nanotechnology" and "war with machines."

Reviewed by David Mead in SFRA Review #269 (July/Aug./Sept. 2004): 21-22 who notes "the assault of the Inhibitors — an ancient machine culture dedicated to suppressing star-faring species" (whose destructiveness was shown in Reynolds' earlier Redemption Ark)[2] and "the increasingly conscious Nostalgia for Infinity, whose captain has become the spacecraft as a result of the 'melding plague.'" Mead also notes "Aura," who, "although [...] still in embryo, has been transformed in some mysterious way by the cosmic computer Hades" and an endangered people "who live in a neighboring 'brane,'" parallel universe, seeking "refuge from a terrible machine culture that is transforming the worlds" of that reality (p. 21).

As of October 2023, Mead's review available (at least to SFRA members) here.[3]

For the human/spaceship motif, see The Ship Who Sang and the works linked there. Warfare against machine is a trope (motif, cliché), for which see such works as Star Trek, "The Doomsday Machine".

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