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Steakley, John. Armor. New York: DAW, 1984.

The title armor is that of R. A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers, with the added wrinkle that clever and courageous people can tap into the experiences of a suit's previous wearer; Heinlein's arachnid Bugs are replaced by creatures like huge, bipedal ants, and the general sensibility is close to that in J. Haldeman's The Forever War (both cited this Category). The protagonist in his armor attacked by an "ant" gives the image of a robot-like insect in an exoskeleton going after a man enclosed in metal and motivated by what he calls "the Engine" to be a kind of killing machine, suppressing a number of horrors (277, 265, and passim). See also for human brain vs. a computer (179). Rev. Allen Stuart Phy, FR #75 (Jan. 1985): 26.