Before the Dawn

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Bell, Eric Temple (writing as John Taine). Before the Dawn. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1934. Discussed in Stephen Baxter's "The Technology of Omniscience: Past Viewers in Science Fiction," our source here.

A scientific technique is developed for replaying the light that has shown upon matter, leading to the technological innovation of a "televisor," which Baxter says ultimately delivers something like virtual reality (VR). The featured scene watched is the extinction of the dinosaurs. Baxter's final comment on the story is of interest for a view from the end of the 20th century of what we might call "Spectacle" in a work from 1934: "But sometimes Bell's cheerful long view is chilling: the extinction of the dinosaurs was 'a good show, and we shall have done our part if we can put on one half as entertaining (p. 60)" (Baxter p. 98).

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