Beyond the Fall of Night

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Clarke, Arthur C., and Gregory Benford. Beyond the Fall of Night. New York: Putnam, 1990. "An Ace/Putnam Book."

Foreword by ACC; Part I: ACC's novella, "Against the Fall of Night" (Prologue and chs. 1-18); Part II: GB's sequel (chs. 19-36). Chs. 19-36 tell of the final fight against the Mad Mind of "Against the Fall of Night"; see for contrasts between the protagonist of GB’s sequel, "the Ur-human" woman Cley, against Alvin and the other characters from the earlier novella, now identified as "Homo Technologicus" (218; ch. 34). Of more interest for settings inside space-going biological entities, shifting ACC's balance even farther away from humans within mechanical worlds to humans within worlds psychological, mystical, and, preeminently, biological. See ACC's Lion of Comarre and City and the Stars.