The Anacronópete

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Gaspar, Enrique. The Anacronópete (El anacronópete). 1887. Leyla Rouhi, translator from the Spanish. Michael Cooperson, editor and introduction. Scotts Valley, California: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012.

Publisher's blurb: "A satirical take on time travel, written before HG Wells, that starts in Paris in the late nineteenth century and takes the reader to China, Pompeii, and Mount Ararat at all the key moments in history. Witty and playful, it is at once a biting commentary on human arrogance as well as a lively panorama of 19th-century cultural life seen largely through the eyes of an eccentric Spaniard."[1] See also Cosmos Latinos pp. 1, 3, and 331, n. 3, where it is cited as "the first Western novel to include a time machine, anticipating H. G. Wells's famous work,"The Time Machine (1895), a seminal or downright ovular work in the Anglophone tradition of SF.

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