The Müller-Fokker Effect

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Sladek, John [T]. The Müller-Fokker Effect. London: Hutchinson, 1970. London: Granada, 1972. New York: Pocket, 1973.

An important novel. A major character finds himself "digitalized" and trapped inside a computer. While "entombed" within the machine, he considers, among other things, the definition of the noun "man." Cf. and contrast M. Coney's The Celestial Steam Locomotive, B. Daley's Tron (novelization), F. Saberhagen and R. Zelazny's Coils, J. Varley's "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank," W. S. Davis, The NECEN Voyage, W. Gibson's Neuromancer series—q.v., this Category; and, under Drama, TRON, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, and The Simpsons: "Wild Barts Can't Be Token"|The Simpson's episode "Wild Barts Can't be Token"]].

RDE, initial; finishing, 6Nov23