Bernardo's House

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Kelly, James Patrick. "Bernardo's House." Novella. Kindle: Future Fiction - Mincione Edizioni, 2014. Coll. The Wreck of the Godspeed and Other Stories. Urbana, IL: Golden Gryphon Press, 2008 (GGP went out of business in 2015).[1]

From Fantastic Fiction website,

A domotic story [i.e., one about IT in the home (Latin domus)],[2] a conscious living house who speaks and shows, through the objects that fill her, the need to be inhabited, to be eternally possessed by a tenant.

Get ready for an unusual visit to "Bernardo's House", where the topic of home automation is inseparably interwoven with Artificial Intelligence: what would happen if such a House would lose her "beloved tenant", and if in his place - with a totally unexpected visit - came a strange figure? [....][3]

Note AI motif; cf. and contrast "There Will Come Soft Rains," the Dean R. Koontz novel Demon Seed, and DEMON SEED (film), Kate Wilhelm's Smart House, the "House of Whacks" episode of The Simpsons, and the old movies THE AUTOMATIC HOUSE and THE ELECTRIC HOUSE.

The Wreck of the Godspeed is reviewed by "Jesse," Speculiction: The Speculative in Fiction and More, on-line journal, 5 October 2014.[4]

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